Marco Bartolucci
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Marco Bartolucci

Early Stage Researcher

Royal Holloway University of London
Department of Psychology
Wolfson Building

Egham, Surrey , United Kingdom TW200EX


  1. July 2006 Degree on "General and Experimental Psychology"
  2. July 2008 Magistral Degree on "Experimental Psychology"
  3. University of Florence, Italy.


During my Magistral Degree (MSc equivalent of Italy) I worked for one year in the Vision lab of the University of Florence under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Baldassi, doing psycophisic and investigating the perception of velocity accross the visual field with frist and second order motion stimuli.

I started my PhD on September 2008 at Royal Holloway University of London under the supervision of Prof. Andy Smith trying to develop my personal skills on fMRI methods and investigating the modulation of Visual  Attention in early visual areas.



Royal Holloway: