Diderik Jan Anthony Eikema, Diderik
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Diderik Jan Anthony Eikema Diderik

Aristotle University
Thessaloniki 54124


  1. BSc Psychology (Social and Neuropsychology)
  2. MSc Psychology (Neuropsychology)


I grew up in the freezing cold and rainy Netherlands. I acquired a BSc and MSc in Psychology from the University of Groningen, majoring in social and neuropsychology in my bachelor and neuropsychology in my master. The first major research project of mine was a study into attentional blindness in socially anxious students. My final project was completed at the University of Maryland in the US, on rhythmic auditory cueing during locomotion.

I started working in Thessaloniki in the summer of '09, studying sensorimotor control and posture in the elderly and the development of VR tools for motor rehabilitation.