Amar Bogadhi
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Amar Bogadhi

Early Stage Researcher

31 chemin joseph aiguier
Marseille 13009


  1. Masters in physics & Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2003 - 2008) from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (pilani campus),INDIA.


I am a PhD student at INCM, Marseille since Dec 2008. I investigate how the brain integrates motion information (aperture problem) by studying the smooth pursuit eye movements for tilted bar stimuli. My previous work involved understanding the dynamic motion integration in a Bayesian framework. Furthermore, I investigated the interactions between retinal and extra-retinal signals in motion integration for smooth pursuit using a blanking paradigm along with aperture problem (tilted bar stimulus). I extended the previous model (Bogadhi et al 2011) to a hierarchical recurrent Bayesian model to understand these interactions. Currently, i am working on extending a more generic hierarchical recurrent Bayesian framework that would also help to better understand anticipatory eye movements in different tasks.



Bogadhi, ARMontagnini, A; Perrinet, LU; Mamassian, P; Masson, GS (2011). Pursuing motion illusions: a realistic oculomotor framework for Bayesian inference. Vision Research 51(8):867-80

 Poster Presentations

 A poster titled “A recurrent Bayesian model of dynamic motion integration for smooth pursuit” at VSS 2010 meeting, Naples (USA) . 

  A poster titled “Interactions between retinal and extra-retinal signals in motion integration for smooth pursuit” at VSS 2011 meeting, Naples (USA) .