Brain imaging and its applications

Picture of BrainMarie Curie FP7 Advanced Training Course, July 7th-10th 2010

Great Malvern, UK




Please Note: This course has now ended.

Advances in imaging technology over the past fifteen years have revolutionised the study of the human brain, providing an invaluable, non-invasive tool for the study of cognitive functions across the lifespan. Despite the excitement around the techniques, brain imaging methods such as fMRI, MEG, EEG etc. all generate large amounts of data that differ in their informational content . The key to understanding brain function lies in integrating these methodologies and applying advanced mathematical analyses that can mine the rich and complex biological data.

This intensive course introduces young scientists (from late pre-doctoral to early post-doctoral stage) to outstanding contemporary work in the theory and application of modern brain imaging methods. Moreover, it focuses on how these methods are applied to advance basic understanding of the brain and can be used to help solve practical problems. The training workshop consists of a series of research lectures, tutorials and hands-on experience in small groups. Scientific training will be complemented with tutorials on generic skills that promote career development.

The workshop is organized by the European Initial Training Network CODDE ("Co-ordination for optimal decisions in dynamic environments") that links several European labs. The network and this course is funded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme.

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